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Tim Westwood – John Wayne x Shaqavelly Crib Session Freestyle

April 17, 2015

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John Wayne & Shaqavelly are the latest to step to the mic for Tim Westwood’s latest edition of his ‘Crib Session’ Freestyle series. (more…)

Migos Drop A Freestyle For Tim Westwood

April 11, 2015

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While over here on UK shores, Migos linked with Tim Westwood and chopped it up about their European tour, freaks, new album, new clothing line & more before dropping a surprisingly entertaining freestyle. (more…)

Logic Speaks On Fans, Kendrick Lamar, Touring & More

March 30, 2015

Def Jam’s Logic touched down on the UK shores and after blessing Westwood with some bars the rapper chopped it up with him about his loyal fan base, living that tour life, not relying on having a radio hit, Kendrick Lamar & more.

Tim Westwood – StayFresh Crib Session

March 2, 2015

UK rap collective StayFresh step to the mic for Westwood’s latest ‘Crib Session’ freestyle.

Tim Westwood – P Reign ‘Crib Session Freestyle’

February 7, 2015

While out here in the UK, T-Dot’s P Reign made sure to link with Westwood where he blessed his ‘Crib Session’ freestyle series by going in over Big seans ‘Blessings’ & Lil Durk’s ‘Dis Ain’t What U Want’.

Tim Westwood – Gappy Ranks Crib Session Freestyle

January 31, 2015

UK Reggae legend that is Gappy Ranks linked with the homie Tim Westwood and blessed the mic for a ‘Crib Session Freestyle’.

Westwood – Crib Clash Cypher

January 25, 2015

After going head to head in individual battles for Westwood’s ‘Crib Clashes’, Dotz, Jonathan Prince, Unan, Lefty, Legionnaires, Cee Major, Impact, Bamalam, Poison Matrix & Gemini stepped to the mic for an ensuing cypher.

Colours Miyagi – Tim Westwood Crib Session Freestyle

November 26, 2014

Colours Miyagi and his crew link with Westwood and drop some bars for the latest instalment of his ‘Crib Sessions Freestyle’ series.

Tim Westwood – Atumpan Crib Session freestyle

November 22, 2014

Afrobeats star Atumpan links with Westwood and blesses him with a Crib Session freestyle….

Future Speaks On Recent Mixtape ‘Monster’ & More With Tim Westwood

November 9, 2014

While over here in the UK, Future sat down with the homie Tim Westwood and spoke on his recent mixtape ‘Monster’, the inspiration behind the project, relationships, what we can expect from his new album & more.