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VICE Presents A Short Film ‘Mr Happy’ Starring Chance The Rapper

March 22, 2015

VICE’s latest short film ‘Mr Happy’ centres around the not so happy subject of suicide and stars Chance The Rapper who is in the depths of depression and uses a suicide assisted website to arrange his ending but before he knows it love walks in to his life, but is it all to late?

Deniro Farrar Signs With Vice Records

October 12, 2013

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Deniro Farrar has dropped consistent material time after time and regular readers of the blog know we’re huge fans of the North Carolina native and it looks like the hard work is paying off as it was recently announced that he has signed with Vice Records. Hopefully the new deal will help Deniro gain the much needed exposure he deserves, see below for an excerpt of an interview with Vice and head over here to read in full!

Noisey: When did you start using the internet to look for music?
Deniro Farrar: 2011. I was reaching out to people like Keyboard kid, nem270, Silky johnson, Clams Casino, thats when the whole A$AP wave hit, the era of the internet producer, that really eerie cloud-rap type beat. Now I got my own era—Cult Rap.

How do you define Cult Rap?
Cult rap has social commentary in it. Cult rap touches on the struggle, Cult rap touches on politics. To sum it up it’s reality rap, rap with a lot of reality, a lot of characteristics of poverty-stricken living. Music that isn’t forced upon the masses. Freddie Gibbs isn’t on the radio, if you’re a fan of Freddie Gibbs you have to keep up with him. Thats what Cult rap is, you have to keep up with it. Artists, producers, whatever. I’m gonna have the strongest wave, though. Once my wave hits its gonna be like Tupac.