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Giggs Responds To HMV Signing Session Being Cancelled

October 16, 2013

Not content on cancelling his London show the police have now decided to shut down another Giggs’ HMV signing session which was due to take place in Kingston later today, but as they say you can’t keep a good man down and Giggs took to youtube to announce he would still be outside HMV to sign copies of his new album ‘When Will It Stop’.

K Koke Dropped From Wireless Festival

July 12, 2013


Looks like the police have done their work again as K Koke took to his twitter to blame the feds for not allowing him to perform at this year’s Wireless music festival.

Koke was imprisoned in 2011 for 7 months on an attempted murder trial, and even though he was acquitted of all charges they seem to have made it a priority to interfere with his career just like they have with Giggs.

Surely if the police have called for Koke to be dropped due to his so called criminal past then they have no choice but to cancel the headlining act who happens to be Jay-z.

While Jay’s criminal past is often celebrated as an American dream of someone who has started from the bottom and made his way to the top, the UK authorities seem to look at home grown MC’s in a different light. I guess hearing street tales in an english accent is too close to home for the powers that be who don’t want the truth to be heard in the mainstream.

K Koke’s single ‘My Time’ with Bridget Kelly is released July 14th via Roc Nation so go and support! #FuckTheSystem.

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