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Estevan Oriol Speaks With Visual Artist Patrick Martinez

November 20, 2013

Visual artist Patrick Martinez is currently holding his first Midwest solo exhibition titled ‘Buy Now Cry Later’, which examines the dwindling quality of life due to the consumerist and nutritional choices of mainstream America. In the video below we get a glimpse into the preparation of screen prints for the show and get to hear how Martinez developed from his early graffiti days to producing his much famed neon pieces & more. The exhibition is at the Minneapolis gallery Public Functionary and will run until Dec 20th.

Stalley – Savage Journey To The American Dream (artwork)

March 7, 2012

I’ve been looking forward to Stalley’s album to drop and was pleased to see Patrick Martinez had designed the cover. We posted some Martinez work a few months ago here, more of his work can be seen over at

Patrick Martinez “Hate and Love (Fighter)” Print

January 24, 2012

Patrick Martinez’s most recent print “Hate and Love (Fighter)” is a serigraph reproduction of his 2011 mixed media piece. The original was executed in a mixed media on acrylic plex and neon which measures 48″ x 40″.

This piece was first shown at Martinez’s solo show at Known Gallery entitled “HUSTLEMANIA” The piece represents the warrior instinct side of humans and the simple yet complex idea of love and hate.

This print is available exclusively online at