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Fire In The Booth – Jaja Soze & Naja Soze

January 11, 2014

JaJa Soze & Naja Soze come with the conscious bars as they step to the mic for Charlie Sloth’s ‘Fire In The Booth’.

English Frank – Southside Connection (video)

February 14, 2012

English Frank goes in with this collaboration track featuring a long list of mcs including Dot Rotten, Mic Righteous, Trips, Timbar, Nolay, Shaun White, Naja Soze, G Fresh, Jaja Soze, Dru Blu, Young Teflon and Pak Man!

Way too many bars to mention in this joint but Dru Blu’s line of “I want money now I aint tryna hang around I aint Gary Speed” goes in, just hit play sit back and enjoy the ride!