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Mister Cee Speaks On Biggie & More With Juan Epstein

April 29, 2015

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Juan EP catch up with Mister Cee for part 2 of their interview where they speak on Slick Rick pulling out a gun on Big Daddy Kane, how he first met Biggie through Dj 50 Grand & more. (more…)

Mister Cee x Funk Flex – ‘Ready to Die’ 20th Anniversary Tribute Mix

September 15, 2014

This past weekend marked the 20th anniversary of arguably one of the best hip hop albums to ever be made, Biggie’s ‘Ready To Die’, and to help us remember it’s greatness, Funk Flex & Mister Cee took to the decks and delivered a 50 minute set featuring nothing but Biggie classics.

Mister Cee Interview With The Hot 97 Breakfast Show

September 12, 2013

It’s been a rough 24 hours for Mister Cee who was caught on tape soliciting a transgender man for sex and then announced he was to step down from his job at Hot 97. Today the Brooklyn dj passed through the Hot 97 Breakfast Show and admitted that he has engaged in oral sex with transgender men but doesn’t consider himself gay and that the tape was from last year. During the interview Cee broke down in tears at times when speaking about how the situation may affect his ability to support his family. Ebro has since announced that Cee will be returning to the station…

Dj Mister Cee Resigns From Hot 97

September 11, 2013

Girls Night Out Hosted By Eve

Mister Cee’s recent troubles have been well documented and in the wake of new audio leaking online of his latest allegation Cee took to the airwaves today and announced it was best he resign from his position at Hot 97 a role which the Brooklyn native held for 20 years. Mister Cee is best known for being Big Daddy Kane’s tour dj and instrumental in discovering The Notorious B.I.G, you can check out below his last mix for the station as well as the official press statement…

“Due to some personal circumstances that have become public, after 20 years of service, Mr Cee has chosen to resign. We feel that this is in the best interest of both HOT 97 and Cee’s personal well-being. While we do not endorse the alleged activities, he is clearly facing a personal dilemma that is for him and only him to comment on. We are saddened by his departure; his contributions here at HOT 97 were great and we know him as a friend, a caring individual and significant hip hop advocate. We wish Mr Cee the best and will always consider him a family member of HOT 97.

Moments ago, he officially signed off, on the air and will finish out his last show today on September 11, 2013, an already sad day for New York City.”