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50 Cent ft Dr Dre & Alicia Keys – New Day

July 27, 2012

Not so sure about a new day I could do with hearing a new Dre as he lays down an average verse on 50’s new joint but he does make up for it with some pretty good production.

This track was originally made for Alicia Keys which you may have heard a few weeks ago but Fif decided to snatch it up for his lead single off his upcoming album “Street King Immortal”, could this be the track that puts 50 back in the charts? Peep it below…

Dr Dre ft Swizz Beatz – Chillin

March 20, 2011

Yet another leak off Detox sounds like a reference track for Dre definitely not the finished joint, peep it out below…..

Dr. Dre ft. Swizz Beatz – Chillin

Eminem Home And Home Mini Documentary

March 9, 2011

This mini doc follows Eminem in his home town speaking on how he and Detroit has changed from his 2005 show to his “Recovery” show in 2010 after being in rehab.

Dre And Eminem Talk About The Concept For I Need A Doctor

February 28, 2011

So the video and song is appearing to be a marmite affair you either love it or hate it, me personally I think the video makes the song, check the vid below to hear Em and Dre chatting about the concept for the track.

Eminem ft Jay-z / Dre / 50 Cent / Cashis / Stat Quo – Syllables

December 30, 2010

Not sure if it’s a leak off Detox or just a random track but if it’s the finished version then it’s sounding kind of average. I guess with a dream team cast you expect it too be a dream team performance. What cha sayin’ poppin or floppin’ ?