The Breakfast Club – Kanye West Interview

Kanye continues with his promo run and after passing through Hot 97 Yeezy made a stop at Power 105 and sat down with The Breakfast Club. During the sit down Charlamagne held no punches and questioned Kanye’s many contradictions, they also spoke on the ‘Bound 2’ video, the ‘Yeezus’ tour & more.

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2 Responses to “The Breakfast Club – Kanye West Interview”

  1. Empress Dialogues Says:

    Charlemagne went in on him, but he held his own..he talks in a twisted way, but his points were understood; some of them anyway..

    • urbanstylzclothing Says:

      Yeah you could tell he was holding himself back from launching in to a Kanye rant! He does have some good points but I feel he contradicts himself way too many times to be taken authentically.

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