Giggs London Show Cancelled

Giggs had planned to perform a special show in London to promote his forthcoming album ‘When Will It Stop’ but to no surprise this has now been cancelled by the powers that be as they continue their quest to put a stop to his career.

It still amazes me that the authorities are so focused on shutting down UK rappers like Giggs & K Koke but allow the likes of JAY Z & Rick Ross to perform with no questions asked, I guess a message delivered in a UK accent is just to real.

Why is it that JAY Z’s story of one time crack dealer to millionaire businessman is celebrated as an American dream and Giggs trying to turn a one time negative situation in to something positive is continually blocked by the police? When will it stop? If your working class from the UK I’m guessing never #F*ckTheSystem.

Giggs album drops Oct 14th so go and support!

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2 Responses to “Giggs London Show Cancelled”

  1. inkposts Says:

    I agree with what you said, let the guy make his music at the least.

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