Hard Knock TV: Asap Ferg Interview Pt 2

Hard Knock TV’s interview with A$AP Ferg continues and in part 2 they speak on NY rappers, the younger generation bringing an energy to the game, getting in to abstract painting to help deal with his father passing away and more.

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One Response to “Hard Knock TV: Asap Ferg Interview Pt 2”

  1. rongreezy Says:

    Reblogged this on The Music Nerdvocate and commented:
    Good, thought provoking interview with ASAP Ferg about a myriad of topics. It’s still interesting to see that a newer generation of both emcees and fans are so inviting and tolerant of so many different kinds of music, styles, lifestyles, thoughts and ideals. Twenty years ago you probably wouldn’t have heard a popular emcee talking about his love for Selena, how he take inspiration from Dipset AND Kurt Cobain, and about Religion. It shows that Hip Hop has really come a long way in the past two decades, and to me it’s all for the better. I also like how Ferg wants to get rid of the generational gaps in Hip Hop in his own way.

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