Rap Up Tv Live Sessions: JoJo

Rap Up Tv invited JoJo to bless them with a live session and went on to perform ‘Andre’, ‘Houstatlantavegas’ + ‘Marvin’s Room’. It’s only a matter of time before JoJo gets snapped up by a major again if you haven’t already done so you can download her latest mixtape ‘Agápē’ here.

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2 Responses to “Rap Up Tv Live Sessions: JoJo”

  1. taylaans Says:

    She’d get snapped up in an instant by a major label if it weren’t for Blackground keeping her hostage

    • urbanstylzclothing Says:

      yeah thats very true, I thought she was going to get out of that contract thanks to the “The Brockert Initiative” which makes it illegal for a label to refuse to release an artists new music.

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