Peter Rosenberg Disses Nicki Minaj (video)

Peep out the video below that made Lil Wayne pull Nicki out of Summer Jam last night, it’s kind of funny to think a little comment like this would of caused such a reaction. Most artists would of taken to the stage and made sure they shut it down rather then pull out.

It will be interesting to hear Funk Flex on his show tonight considering that his speciality is tearing people down to size with his WWE like rants, and during his dj set at Summer Jam was continually firing shots at Nicki as he shouted on the mic:

“If you lost the streets, it’s your fault. If you didn’t go gold, it’s your fault. I’m now dedicated to tearing you down.”

Things could get interesting, but who needs who more? YMCMB need to get airplay but is radio even that relevant anymore? Hot 97 need to play the hits and over the past few years Cash Money have been killing it, although apart from Drakes “Take Care” a lot of their projects have been cold as of late. Tune in to Flex tonight on Hot 97 @7pm EST….

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