XXL 2012 Freshmen Cover

So it’s that time of year again where XXL dedicate their front cover to the new artists that they think will run 2012, and the list is as follows: French Montana, Machine Gun Kelly, Iggy Azalea, Future, Hopsin, Don Trip, Roscoe Dash, Macklemore, Kid Ink, and Danny Brown.

I got to say this is probably the weakest bunch of artists that have been selected in recent times, the only one I’m really feeling on the list is French Montana but dude has been around for a minute now so can’t really be classed as a freshmen.

There’s always one artist that gets included on just hype alone and this year that would have to go to Iggy Azalea, I guess a recent signing with Interscope will get you some props in the industry but I can see this deal going the same way as Kreayshawn which is a whole lot of hype and no worthy material.

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